Thursday, 16 February 2012


I suffer badly with bookshelf envy.  Everyone else's always appears to look better than mine. I have been accused at times of being a little OCD about the arrangement of books but still I never seem to get it right.  I make sure I put the matching sets together, in alphabetical order of course (really it makes life so much easier), with series of books together and then start using the size order method so the largest are on the outside working to the smallest in the middle.  Different shelves tend to be dedicated to different types of books whether it be children's, modern, possible teaching options, to read etc.  I even ensure all the books are pulled forward to the edge of the shelf so they appear to be of the same depth.

Okay, so the randomness of the children's books and the way they grab them and put them back does not help.  Or the way in which my daughter will use books as building blocks.  However, I want some bookporn in my own house rather than just admiring other people's pictures, particularly when a search on this topic can pull up some other "interesting" alternatives!
What I want is something along these lines:

So, in an attempt to achieve my slice of the porn world, I have decided: 
  1. Children's books to be kept on their own separate shelving units.
  2. Stop buying so many books and try using the library or my Kindle instead.
  3. Spend the money I have available for books on those a little more special e.g. those I really enjoy, box sets, beautifully designed covers
  4. Pick up second hand, oldy worldy books that are more quirky, hold character and that heavenly musty, dusty, old book smell!
  5. Ensure a minimum of one book shelving unit is mine and mine alone and no little hands are allowed to touch!
How do you arrange your books?  Do you have a particular way or does any old way suit you?


  1. 'Stop buying so many books' .......... nope, not familiar with the concept .

    Well, like you, I start out with the best of intentions and then it all gets a bit random. That said, we move roughly every three years so everything gets packed up in boxes and then unpacked so once every three years my book shelves look beautiful :-)

  2. I'm always amazed how many of my boxes end up being for books ;-)