Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lingham's Booksellers - Heaven Locally?

This year I have decided to move away from the giants such as Amazon, W H Smiths and Tescos and instead support my independent local book sellers, yes admittedly partly because I harbour a dream to own my own quirky, gorgeous little book heaven.

Trouble was, having only moved to the area recently, I have no clue who or where they are.  I have also been desperately searching for a book club that could fit in with mine and my partner's schedule.  So imagine my sheer delight when I stumbled on this article; an independent bookseller who takes on the Tesco's opposite and actually gains their support.  Not only that but they are only a few miles away from me.  I could hardly contain my excitement when upon further investigation, I discover it also runs a book club AND a coffee shop!  Okay so it's not the Nespresso I'm obsessed with but still, I can sit in a comfy chair and I can drink coffee whilst in a book shop!

Admittedly I may sound a little crazy at this point but I know other bibliophiles will understand this joy and the book club may not always fit with shifts but hey, it's got to be worth a look.  My only disappointment is that I am away for two days and will not be able to visit  until Thursday.

Linghams we are coming to get you on Thursday!  In the meantime, you can find them on Twitter.

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