Sunday, 19 February 2012

Inspiration for writing...almost!

So I returned to Linghams to collect my book order (which took only 24 hours to arrive) and duly checked out their coffee shop.  How can I describe the experience? It felt a little like entering a time warp which didn't take you back in time but instead to a parallel world in which time stood still for a little while!

There was live piano music, gorgeous puddings and a relaxed atmosphere.  Sat on one side of me there was a group of ladies "at lunch", tucking into their paninis.  On the other was my inspiration. The sweetest little old couple who were themselves trying to find a word to fit the atmosphere.  Their suggestions were "cosmopolitan" and "continental".  They had been surprised to discover they could indulge in a couple of teeny bottles of red wine with their meal and were clearly loving their lunch trip. The waitress was very attentive, taking their orders and checking they were okay but shortly after, Mrs A as I will call her, disappeared for a few minutes and returned to tell her husband "I've ordered...well I can't remember what I've ordered now...but I've ordered something".  I couldn't help but laugh.  

Seeing this couple together was simply gorgeous: the way they spoke to each other; appeared to be living each minute; enjoying themselves and laughing freely.  I think for me, it was the best example I have ever seen of romance and true love.  I hope my life is like that when I am their age!

However, they were so compelling and the atmosphere so unusual that I am sure there is a story to be written in there somewhere.  It has been a long while since I felt the urge to write.  Normally for me, it is an emotional response, a way of healing deep wounds.   But I do feel the urge to pick up a pen and write thanks to one elderly and unknown couple. 

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